SHOW ME THE GREEN: Leigh Steinberg's 2008 Super Bowl Party Sets New Standard

With a shared vision to usher in a new standard for environmentalism in sports and entertainment, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment hired GreenMark to profile and experience of the 22nd Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party through the implementation of green event practices first among annual Super Bowl parties. There had never been a branded, all-green Super Bowl gala. GreenMark was assigned the job of creating a memorable one.
Live events create immense environmental impacts, but they are accompanied by the potential for large-scale positive social influence. Through his 2008 fête, sports super agent Leigh Steinberg (the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s character in "Jerry Maguire's" show-me-the-money film) wanted to educate event attendees—power brokers,celebrities and leaders in sports and entertainment—about the possibility and promise of “green” in sports. GreenMark was retained as the agency to make that happen.
GreenMark provided a comprehensive environmental strategy reflecting the values of event hosts, sponsors and attendees. From procuring vendors and low-carbon supplies waste through donations, composting and recycling (including electronics recycling), to securing a 100% renewably powered event, and donating proceeds to the Environmental Fund for Arizona, the party set a new Super Bowl events. While the other Super Bowl events used flashy extravagant locations to create hype, the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Gala achieved a different result: guests luxuriated in the beauty of the Botanical Gardens, to integrate sustainable practices into their own lives, all while feeling part of something bigger—the increasingly significant environmental movement in sports.
The 2008 Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party outshone the week-long flurry of activity and made history as one of the premier green Super Bowl events. With a second-place ranking in’s Page 2 coverage of Super Bowl parties, the event also garnered favorable reviews in, The Washington Post, The SportsBusiness Journal and The Arizona Republic. Attendees left the event with much more than gift bags full of green products; inspired to utilize sports as a platform to advance environmental sustainability.