Mark Andrew founded GreenMark in 2007 with the goal of helping partners deliver sustainable practices, products and services coupled with story-telling strategies to bring more awareness and support for sustainability.

GreenMark strategy of leveraging sustainable solutions and tying them to authenticity is grounded in the troubling realities of today's marketplace:

  • The erosion of trust between institutions and the people who support them;
  • Environmental crises and a public demand that corporations help fix them;
  • A decline in the effectiveness of traditional business reputation management strategies; and
  • A loss of credibility between company claims and your customers.

Business as usual is no longer an option. 

GreenMark helps clients develop new business, win supporters, brand and drive product sales by activating environmental businesses and product strategies that create community value. Through our patent pending EcoBrand™ Experience we deploy strategies focused on Energy, Water, Materials, Waste, Technology and Transportation. Then we develop high profile brand experiences to drive sales, public support, new business development, marketing and branding.

GreenMark has proven time and again that smart investments in the environment drive benefits directly to the bottom line.


Mark Andrew's life is infused with boundless energy, startling imagination and a deep love for our environment and those who inhabit it. From his earliest adult experiences forming one of the state's most enduring environmental groups, to his first job crafting major green policies for the state Senate Environment Committee, to his 16 years as the most accomplished locally elected environmental leader in his home state, Andrew has brought a lifetime of distinction to environmental causes and issues.

As a student, he was co-founder and first President of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, MPIRG, a student funded action group aiming for greater environmental accountability from institutions, individuals and companies. As staff to the Senate Committee on the Environment, Andrew worked on legislation for save urban forests, clean up the state's waters, restrict copper-nickel mining and put teeth into state environmental review rules.

As an elected Commissioner of Hennepin County, his home state of Minnesota's largest county, he authored the first-ever recycling ordinance, won national awards for it, implemented hazardous waste programs, initiated and passed the first dedicated urban hiking and biking trails in the Twin Cities and was Chair of the transit authority that planned and selected the first light rail transit line in the state. Andrew's initiatives won over a dozen national awards from the National Association of Counties.

For the past 7 years, Andrew and his company, GreenMark, have been charting new waters again--as the first to identify sports buildings and teams as vehicles for profitable green stewardship and sponsor branding. He created the first all-green sports sponsorship category in major sports, "Official Sustainable Water Partner", owned by water giant Pentair, in an historic sponsor partnership that captures and repurposes over 2 million gallons of rainwater per year at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

Andrew's political and public communications career has given him expertise in executive consulting, strategic counsel, public affairs, media relations, events, marketing and project management services. He has served clients and partners as diverse as the national Environmental Defense Fund, global explorer Will Steger, 3M, Dow, Panasonic, Boston Red Sox, 2008 Republican National Convention Host Committee, University of Minnesota, the first all-green celebrity Gala at a Super Bowl, Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, Portland Trail Blazers, San Fransisco 49'ers, national Blue-Green Alliance and others.

Mark and his company initiated, conceived, assembled and secured approval for the largest solar energy installation in the state, at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The solar project became viable with GreenMark's financing and branding innovation of combining energy efficiency with a corporate branding partnership to help finance the 3.1mw ramp-top pv solar installation. 

With the groundbreaking of the solar partnership with the MSP Aiport, Ameresco, Xcel Energy and GreenMark, the agency has extended its reach into the solar development space.

Mark is working to dramatically expand the solar market in the Midwest with partnerships with government agencies and large and small commercial enterprises to bring solar to scale in an era of urgent demand for climate action strategies.

With his distinct combination of innovative public/private relationships, ecological advancements and sound business strategies for corporate growth through sustainability, Andrew is on the leading edge of leveraging environmental principles for dramatic outcomes for our environment, businesses, communities and the world around us.